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"A tutor provided by Cavendish Private Tutors has tutored my son in A level maths and he has been very satisfied with the quality of tuition provided and would not hesitate in recommending Cavendish Private Tutors. Lesson preparation and subject knowledge have both been excellent."

Sarah Kenny

"Cavendish Private Tutors provided an excellent biology tutor for my son George. She was obviously very experienced in helping students maximise their potential and she explained everything very patiently. I was most impressed."

Judith Hood

"Both my daughters have had maths tuition from Cavendish Private Tutors who have helped each of them enormously. Their grades and confidence have improved considerably. Cavendish Private Tutors is clearly a very professional organisation."

Lisa Freeland

"I was most impressed with the quality of tuition my son received for GCSE. The tutor was exemplary in preparing him for his exam and I was delighted when he achieved an A*"

Tessa Horswell

"Cavendish Private Tutors provided an excellent English tutor for our daughter throughout her GCSE year. Elizabeth was struggling with essay writing and comprehension and the tutor helped enormously with examination technique and also boosted her confidence.

To everyone's delight, Elizabeth achieved an A in GCSE English (she had been predicted a B!)"

Mr & Mrs Youngs

"My daughter decided to learn Italian in her gap year. She thoroughly enjoyed the lessons and being something of a linguist was extremely impressed with the quality and care of the teaching. The tutor even bought her back novels of a suitable standard from her holiday in Italy."

Diana Baker

"Leading up to my son’s AS Level French exam, he has had private tutoring with a qualified French teacher, provided by Cavendish Private Tutors.

She very quickly ascertained his strengths and weaknesses and was able to help build his confidence, particularly in certain areas where he was struggling.
Her approach was always professional but also personable. In particular, her ability to relate to teenagers, as well as her in-depth knowledge and love of the French language, was key in helping my son progress and enjoy the subject. She is obviously a very keen Francophile.

In short, his tutor has been a tremendous help in boosting my son’s understanding of French and within a relatively short period she she managed to cover the key areas of vocabulary, grammar, and oral work."

Rose Ghaidan

"My son has had a series of private tutorials prior to taking his AS’ Level maths this summer.

He found the tutor to be extremely efficient, thorough and patient. One-on-one tuition proved to be a perfect addition to his class lessons, as together they were able to calmly go through any questions he had not properly understood at school. His tutor was very helpful in not only helping my son to become more confident in his existing mathematical abilities but also in encouraging him to stretch himself further and to tackle more challenging maths problems.

On a practical note, the tutor was always punctual, organised and conscientious and I could thoroughly recommend Cavendish Private Tutors to anyone."

Rose Ghaidan

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