About Us

In our 40 years’ experience as teachers, we have recognised a strong demand for high quality tutoring that delivers and this has driven us to the pursuit of excellence.

Many students having difficulties in certain subject areas, suffer from a lack of confidence. It is vital, therefore, that a tutor has excellent communication skills as well as being an expert in his or her field. Many of our tutors are experienced in pastoral care and counselling.


Mrs Helen Allen has had over 20 years’ experience of teaching Modern Languages to GCSE and A level. She is a former head of department and has taught in both the independent and maintained sectors.

Mrs Lucy Sherrin is a mathematics teacher with 18 years’ experience, most recently at senior management level. Lucy is also an examiner for GCSE and A level mathematics.

Both Helen and Lucy have had considerable experience of tutoring and preparing children for examinations at all levels. They fully understand the requirements of parents with children requiring personal tuition before important examinations because they have teenage children themselves who have needed tuition at some point in their academic careers.

We are dedicated to providing the best tuition to enable all our students to reach their full potential. To this end, all our tutors are qualified teachers with relevant examination experience and have been through a rigorous selection process.

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